Merging cultures, the beauty in diversity

Merging cultures, the beauty in diversity

Merging cultures,

the beauty in diversity;

a new cultural synthesis

in languages, pronounciations,

fashions, lifestyles, and food.

“Nasi Lemak two packets please!”

” Less chilli?”.

“No, more chilli please! “

“It is very hot! We use ‘chilli api’!”

” No problem!”

Such is a beautiful melting pot

of differing elements;

where beauty and strengths are


Terjemahan Google

Pengabungkan budaya, keindahan dalam kepelbagaian

Dalam menggabungkan budaya
keindahan kepelbagaian dilihat;
sintesis budaya baru
dalam bahasa, sebutan,
fesyen, gaya hidup, dan makanan.

Periuk lebur yang indah
unsur yang berbeza;
di mana kecantikan dan kekuatan

“Nasi Lemak, dua bungkus, tolong!”
“Kurang cili?”.
“Tidak, cili lagi!”
“Tapi, sangat ‘panas’, Anda tahu. Kami menggunakan ‘api cili!’!”
“Tiada masalah!”




“但是,它非常非常’热’,我们知道。我们使用’chilli api!’!”


1. Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization. ~Mahatma Gandhi

2. When everyone is included, everyone wins. ~Jesse Jackson


Blogging: I run my race

cute dog in glasses yawning on bed
Blogging: I run my race (Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com)
Blogging: I run my race

Blogging is like running 
but running a race? 
I paused, I sweated,
feet apart, panting, 
and watching others 
... forging ahead.

Jane Trombley wonders
about the paucity of 
baby-boomer bloggers
and her generation's 'voice'.

A counselor opines
that blogging feeds wellness!
Is blogging a new way of coping
for some?

Of course, 
many baby-boomer bloggers
have joined the run.
but, are they running
the same race,
the same pace,
for the same goals?

1. Baby Boomer Bloggers: Are you out there? - Jane Trombley
2. Blogging feeds wellness!- Beth Moore
3. "Coping through blogging..." - Petko D. et al.

Is she breathing?

Is she breathing?

This anecdote is a continuation of “Pressure rising, a wake-up call and my three angels“.

After that blood-pressure rising episode, the three angels went on to take my pulse and respiration rate. I was pleased that they took my blood -pressure correctly. Looking at them smilingly, I turned to look at my table planner. I reminisced the times when I practiced holding my breath under-water.

They shook their watches several times and glanced at each other. Now, they all bent nearer, peering closely at my chest… scratching their heads.

“Yes, finished?” still holding my breath as much as possible.

“Your pulse rate is 80 per minute, but, but… your respiration rate is only four per minute!”

I laughed softly, “ok, ok, I was just pulling your legs! Now I will breathe normally!” They heaved a sigh of relief, completed their tasks, and got my initial into their log books. Teaching can be fun, too!

cheerful black teacher with diverse schoolkids
Can teaching be fun? [Photo by Katerina Holmes on Pexels.com]

These PNC student-nurses had to learn how to take vital signs among themselves, on their seniors, and then, on their lecturers. Only when they had completed that log, were they allowed to do on the patients in the wards.

Decades later, I don’t remember now who they are, but I enjoyed that life-enlightening morning episode.

Thank you, girls!


“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” —Dalai Lama

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” —Robert Brault


“A real friend is one who walks in…”

young man giving paper cup to male friend sitting on seashore
“A real friend is one who walks in…” (Photo by William Fortunato on Pexels.com)
"A real friend is one who walks in..."

"A real friend is one who walks in 
when the rest of the world walks out.” 
         - Walter Winchell -

Be it at college, workplace, 
or even a betrayal in a marriage or family!

Who are your real friend(s)?

Google translate : Bahasa Melayu 

"Rakan sejati adalah orang yang masuk
 ketika seluruh dunia berjalan keluar. "
          - Walter Winchell -
 Sama ada di kolej, tempat kerja,
 atau bahkan pengkhianatan dalam perkahwinan atau keluarga!
 Siapakah rakan sejati anda?



Pressure rising, a wake-up call and my three angels

Pressure rising, a wake-up call and my three angels

If there is a post I MUST write in this life-time for many managers out there, this is the one.

My secretary held her phone away from her ear. Manager X was screaming down at her. I went to his department to talk to him. He had history of hypertension on medications. The consequences could have been worse than what happened to a young me as I narrated to him.

Three timid-looking students came to me.

“Can we practice taking vital signs on you?”

“Yes, of course!”

Just then, another two students stood in front

to report that they were not ready to present a role-play

which was assigned the day before.

I felt my face getting warmer, and

my pressure rising…

” When I come up to class, you shall present!

You have another 30 minutes,” looking at my watch. They ran up to prepare. (The whole night, they couldn’t think of how to do the skit. Ironically, in 30 minutes they could!)

“Alright, come, girls!”

I rolled up my sleeve for the girls in waiting.

The first girl took my blood pressure twice.

She whispered to her colleagues.

The other two took turns to take my blood pressure.

“It’s 190/120mmHg!”

“Are you sure? My normal readings are around 110/60mmHg!”

I took over the stethoscope, “OK, pump!”

Looking worried now… they were right.

(Both my mother and my maternal grandmother

had hypertension and stroke!)

It was a wake-up call for me…a turning point!

A few months later, a colleague lecturer commented,

“I notice nowadays, you are very calm. I seldom see you getting angry!

You are like…a 360 degree change!”

Three decades on, my blood pressure is still within normal range.

Thanks to those three angels!

Whenever I meet someone losing his ‘cool’,

I will tell him that the one(s) he is angry at,

will not come to change his pampers or feed him

if he collapses with a stroke or heart attack!

-Chen S. P. @TPTan-


A lot of people in my family have high blood pressure. Dre told me I better start hitting the gym…so I took his advice.   – Warren G.

Reaction about pressure: The harder one throws a ball, the harder it will bounce back.’. – Chen S.P.


Pressure-ulcers: what is right is not always popular.

funny little dachshund puppy sleeping on cozy sofa
Pressure-ulcers: what is right is not always popular. (Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com)
Pressure-ulcers: what is right is not always popular.

I am not proud to write this post.

When friends called for help; 
that their loved ones 
were discharged from hospitals 
with a pressure ulcer...

" My mum is bedridden.
Please keep her dry and turned regularly
... to prevent her skin breaking down."

"This is too demanding, impossible;
... cos we're short-staffed!"

What is right, is not always popularly done.

Yet, some hospitals are able to maintain a zero pressure-ulcer rate
among their bedridden clients.

"I am on wheelchair since five years ago
and I don't have any pressure ulcer on my butt.
Know what?
The therapist showed me a picture- 
an ugly pressure ulcer!!!
I work hard not to develop one!"

"We took turns to look after 
our mum in the hospital.
Changing her when soiled, 
turning her regularly 
with the help of the staff."

What is popularly done, is not always right.

Some unfortunately, 
did develop pressure ulcers 
during their stay in a hospital. 
 Prevention of pressure ulcers 
is a multidisciplinary responsibility 
(Physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, nurses), 
although nurses play a significant role. 

Do you agree that the family members and carers should have a role in pressure ulcer prevention, too?

"A pressure ulcer should not be allowed to develop in the first place. 
Cos it would take another long journey to healing that 'wound'!"

Quote: What is right is not always popular, what is popular is not always right- Albert Einstein
Terjemahan Google ke Bahasa Melayu/ 谷歌翻译成中文 Ulser tekanan: yang betul tidak selalunya popular. Saya tidak bangga menulis catatan ini. Semasa rakan meminta pertolongan; bahawa orang yang mereka sayangi keluar dari hospital dengan ulser tekanan … "Ibuku terbaring di tempat tidur. Tolong jaga dia kering dan berpusing secara berkala … untuk mengelakkan kulitnya pecah." "Ini terlalu menuntut, mustahil; … kerana kita kekurangan kakitangan!" Apa yang betul, tidak selalunya popular. Namun, beberapa hospital dapat mengekalkan kadar ulser tekanan sifar di kalangan pelanggan mereka yang terbaring di tempat tidur. "Saya menggunakan kerusi roda sejak lima tahun yang lalu dan saya tidak mempunyai ulser tekanan di punggung saya. Tahu kenapa? Ahli terapi menunjukkan kepada saya gambar- ulser tekanan yang buruk! Saya berusaha keras supaya tidak mendapat ulser tekanan!" "Kami bergilir-gilir menjaga ibu kami di hospital. Mengganti dia ketika kotor, memusingkannya secara berkala dengan bantuan kakitangan." Apa yang biasa dilakukan secara popular, tidak selalunya betul. Sebilangan malangnya, mereka mengalami bisul tekanan semasa mereka tinggal di hospital. Pencegahan ulser tekanan adalah tanggungjawab multidisiplin (Doktor, ahli terapi fizikal, pakar pemakanan, jururawat), walaupun jururawat memainkan peranan penting. Adakah anda bersetuju bahawa ahli keluarga dan pengasuh juga harus berperanan dalam pencegahan ulser tekanan? "Ulser tekanan seharusnya tidak berkembang sejak awal. Kerana memerlukan perjalanan panjang untuk menyembuhkan 'luka' itu!" Petikan: Yang benar tidak selalu popular, apa yang popular tidak selalu betul- Albert Einstein
当朋友们寻求帮助时; 他们的亲人因褥疮出院了……
“我妈妈卧床不起。请保持她的干燥和规律的转身……以防止皮肤破裂。” “这太苛刻,不可能;因为我们人手不足!”
正确的做法并非总是会普遍进行。 但是,有些医院能够将卧床不起的患者的压疮率维持在零水平。
通常做的事情并不总是正确的。 不幸的是,一些人在住院期间确实出现了压疮。

A Smile To Open A Hurting Heart

Malay and Chinese Google translation below / Terjemahan Google Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Cina di bawah / 谷歌将英语翻译成中文

baby in yellow knit cap and yellow knit sweater
A Smile To Open A Hurting Heart (Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com)
A Smile To Open A Hurting Heart

I used to meet him around the corner, 
walking alone, deep in his thoughts,
I have never seen him smile.
His feature frown leaves many wondering,
setting permanent, a crease between his brows.

... is life knocking hard on him? 

Many poor children born with defective hearts,
had theirs repaired complimentarily
by this one without a smile;
a saviour hand lent by God.

'...but who will heal my child of his ailing mind?'

Yet he is entrusted 
to care for many other sheep because 
he is the chosen one, capable of doing so.

Lina, Anna and Rosnah sat waiting 
for their child at the mental rehabilitation centre.
These single mothers, too, have forsaken their smiles,

...for 'who will mend our broken hearts?'

Everyone has a battle.
A smile is free. Give a smile, to ignite another smile; for the one who has forgotten to smile.
*** “A simple smile. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.”
Dalai Lama An honest smile is an icebreaker. - Toba Beta
Malay and Chinese Google translation below / Terjemahan Google Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Cina di bawah / 谷歌将英语翻译成中文
Senyuman Untuk Membuka Hati yang Sakit Saya biasa menemuinya, berjalan sendiri, jauh di fikirannya, Saya tidak pernah melihatnya tersenyum. Ciri-cirinya yang cemberut membuat ramai tertanya-tanya, menetapkan kekal, lipatan di antara keningnya. … Adakah kehidupan mengetuknya? Banyak anak miskin dilahirkan dengan hati yang cacat, telah diperbaiki dengan baik oleh orang ini tanpa senyuman; tangan penyelamat yang dipinjamkan oleh Tuhan. '… tapi siapa yang akan menyembuhkan anak saya dari mindanya yang sakit?' Namun dia diberi kepercayaan menjaga banyak 'biri-biri' lain kerana dia adalah yang terpilih, dan mampu melakukannya. Lina, Anna dan Rosnah duduk menunggu untuk anak mereka di pusat pemulihan mental. Ibu-ibu tunggal ini juga telah meninggalkan senyuman mereka, …'siapa yang akan memperbaiki hati kita yang hancur?' Setiap orang mempunyai masalah kendiri. Senyuman adalah percuma. Berilah senyuman, untuk menyalakan senyuman lain; bagi yang terlupa tersenyum. “A simple smile. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.”Dalai Lama An honest smile is an icebreaker. - Toba Beta 打开心灵的微笑 我曾经在拐角处见他, 独自行走,深深地思考着, 我从未见过他微笑。 他的特征皱眉让很多人感到疑惑, 设置永久的眉毛之间的折痕。 ……生活在逼着他吗? 许多可怜的孩子天生有缺陷的心脏, 对其进行了免费维修 带着这个微笑着 上帝借给救主的手。 “ …但是谁能医治我孩子的精神病呢?” 然而他受托了 照顾其他许多绵羊,因为 他是被选中的人,有能力做到这一点。 丽娜,安娜和罗斯纳坐在等待中 为他们在精神康复中心的孩子。 这些单身母亲也放弃了微笑, …对于“谁将修补我们破碎的心?” 每个人都有一场战斗。 微笑是免费的。 微笑,点燃另一个微笑; 对于那些忘记微笑的人。
“A simple smile. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.”Dalai Lama  
An honest smile is an icebreaker.    -  Toba Beta

Cancer And The Doctor’s ‘Crystal Ball’

three person looking at x ray result
Cancer And The Doctor’s ‘Crystal Ball’ (Photo by EVG Culture on Pexels.com)
Cancer And The Doctor's 'Crystal Ball'

How many years have I left?
At my stage of cancer,
and according to statistical studies,
the doctor said that I had about two years left!

Mr. Despondent cried.
I cannot afford to be admitted.
Each day without work, 
would mean no food for my family! 

Mr. Suicidal mulled.
Cancer means death. 
Cancer means a lot of pain.
My family will worry about more hospital bills!

Mr. Pious calmly accepted.
It's not for the doctor to decide.
Only GOD will determine when he'll take me.
Meanwhile, I will continue to do good.

Mr. Philosophical stated.
My young colleague died, on the spot, in an accident,
and another two, of heart attack and dengue.
With cancer, I have time to plan 'my future'.

Mr. Fighter scoffed.
That was twelve years ago!
Look at these two scars on my tummy.
I challenged each time the 'Big C' returned!

 It’s interesting to note, how some people have
  greater will-power to live compared to others.
 It is important to have nurturing of hope, positive attitude, 
 stronger determination, better coping skills, 
 with good family support and love.
 Each physician should not look at 
 his own ‘part of the elephant’
 but to look at the client as a whole.
 Are there sufficient supports from nurses, palliative team,
 social welfare, counsellors and religious personnel? 

This post is a continuation of https://chensp.org/2020/12/05/breaking-bad-news-breaking-person/
**************** “The cure of many diseases is unknown to physicians because they are ignorant of the whole. For the part can never be well unless the whole is well.”  - Plato. Malay and Chinese Google translation below / Terjemahan Google Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Cina di bawah / 谷歌将英语翻译成中文 Kanser Dan ‘Bola Kristal’ Doktor   Berapa tahun saya tinggal? Pada peringkat barah saya, dan mengikut kajian statistik, doktor mengatakan bahawa saya tinggal kira-kira dua tahun!   Tuan ‘Kecewa’ menangis. Saya tidak boleh masuk wad. Setiap hari tanpa kerja, bermaksud tiada makanan untuk keluarga saya!   Tuan ‘Ingin bunuh diri’ merenung. Kanser bermaksud kematian. Kanser bermaksud banyak kesakitan. Keluarga saya akan bimbang dengan lebih banyak bil hospital!   Encik ‘Alim’ dengan tenangnya menerima. Ini bukan di tentukan doktor. Hanya TUHAN yang akan menentukan bila dia akan mengambil saya. Sementara itu, saya akan terus melakukan kebaikan.   Tuan ‘Falsafah’ menyatakan. Rakan sekerja muda saya mati, di tempat kejadian, dalam kemalangan, dan dua lagi, dari serangan jantung dan denggi. Dengan barah, saya mempunyai masa untuk merancang 'masa depan saya'.   Tuan ‘Pejuang’ mengejek. Itu dua belas tahun yang lalu! Lihatlah dua parut luka ini di perut saya. Saya mencabar setiap kali 'Big C' kembali!   Sangat menarik untuk diperhatikan, bagaimana bezanya sesetengah orang mempunyai  kehendak hidup yang lebih besar berbanding orang lain.  Yang penting adalah pemupukan harapan, sikap positif,  tekad yang lebih kuat, kemahiran mengatasi yang lebih baik,  dengan sokongan dan kasih sayang keluarga yang baik.    Setiap doktor tidak boleh melihat  ‘bahagian gajah’ miliknya  tetapi perlu melihat klien secara keseluruhan.  Adakah sokongan yang mencukupi daripada para jururawat, pasukan paliatif, kebajikan sosial, kaunselor dan pegawai agama?   ************************* "Penyembuhan banyak penyakit tidak diketahui oleh doktor kerana mereka tidak mengetahui keseluruhannya. Bagi bahagian itu tidak akan pernah sihat kecuali keseluruhannya baik. " - Plato Catatan ini adalah kesinambungan dari https://chensp.org/2020/12/05/breaking-bad-news-breaking-person/ 癌症与医生的“水晶球”   我离开了几年? 在我癌症的阶段 根据统计研究 医生说我还剩两年左右!   Despondent先生哭了。 我不能被录取。 每天没有工作 对我的家人来说意味着没有食物!   自杀先生仔细考虑。 癌症意味着死亡。 癌症意味着很多痛苦。 我的家人将担心更多的医院账单!   虔诚先生平静地接受了。 不是由医生决定的。 只有上帝会决定他什么时候带我。 同时,我会继续做好。   哲学先生说。 我的年轻同事在一场事故中当场死亡, 还有两个是心脏病和登革热。 患有癌症,我有时间计划“我的未来”。   战斗机先生嘲笑。 那是十二年前! 看我肚子上的这两个伤疤。 每当“ Big C”回来时,我都会挑战!   有趣的是,有人   与其他人相比,拥有更大的生存意愿。  至关重要的是希望的养育,积极的态度,  坚定的决心,更好的应对能力,  有良好的家庭支持和爱心。    每个医师都不应该看  他自己的“大象的一部分”  但要从整体上看待客户。  是否有护士,姑息治疗小组的足够支持,  社会福利,顾问和宗教人员? ***************** “许多疾病的治疗方法对医生来说是未知的 因为他们对整体一无所知。 除非整体状况良好,否则这个部分永远不会状况良好。” - Plato 这篇文章是https://chensp.org/2020/12/05/breaking-bad-news-breaking-person/

Who is the strongest of them all?

old woman doing makeup in room
Who is the strongest of them all? (Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com)
 Who is the strongest of them all?
 Mirror, mirror on the wall,
 who is the strongest of them all?
 A figure so tiny, so frail,
but she's a matriarch behind a veil. 

Besides a man so strong and tall,
is a woman who takes over when he falls.
When the family is cracking and breaking,
 that maternal glue is in the making.

See the dame running the family millstone?
The comforting bosom that belies a financial backbone?
So, mirror, mirror on the wall
who indeed, is the strongest of them all?


“You’ve got to stay strong to be strong in tough times.” 
– Tilman J. Fertitta

“Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come 
face to face with your greatest weakness.” – Susan Gale


Ironically, In This Vastness Of Land

Ironically, In This Vastness Of Land

This is a poem, titled after a hand-painted bowl which was created by the author, a few years ago. Whereas , the poem is inspired by the many tragic news of perished immigrants on rough seas. They were trying to reach a better-land in this, ironically, vastness of land on mother earth.

In this vastness of land
“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
― Leonardo da Vinci
 In this vastness of land
 stretching and circling this bowl
 round and round, but, to no end!
 From the bowl’s interior
 radiates that phosphorescent glow
 a beckoning promise, almost superior!
 Across the wide seas and oceans
 breaking families, risking lives
 to find that elusive ‘greener grass’ notions!
 On rough waters,  human lives
 inhumanly packed in over-crowded sea vessels
 clutching desperately to partners and wives.
 “I see the land, I see the land!”
 But it was, many a times,  an illusion
 to touch beaches, to kiss the sand.
 Can you see the land,
 a better-land? 
 Will freedom be your stand
 in this vastness of land?
                               -Chen Song Ping @ TPTan, 18 Jan 2021- 

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“What has happened to us in this country? If we study our own history, we find that we have always been ready to receive the unfortunate from other countries, and though this may seem a generous gesture on our part, we have profited a thousand fold by what they have brought us.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

woman in white long sleeve shirt holding brown wooden stick
Sing a song of freedom (Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com)


The following poem is about music as a plausible and healing therapy. Especially for those incarcerated in mental hospitals, prisons, or immigrant centers. A notable concept is Making music, healing souls including Sing Your Heart Out (SYHO),and Finding sanity through songs.

 Sing a song of freedom
 Sing a song of freedom
 breaking through four walls
 is a light; a beacon
 In immigration detentions 
 prison or hospitals 
 do buoy up musical extensions
 Rehearse a song 
 for sanity sake
 all day long.
 Sing your heart out (SYHO)
 as loud as you want 
 even if you carry no clout.
 Adopting therapy in music 
 as a tool for recovery
 Keeping minds clear; lucid
 So, do sing a song of freedom
 finding sanity through songs
 to free the mind of demons
 for one with no intent of treason.
                        Chen Song Ping, 18 Jan 2021 

God is fair: He gives some, He takes some

God is fair: He gives some, He takes some.


That was Mary’s answer, as to why she runs an orphanage. It was a second Christian home that Anna had stepped into.

Why she ran an orphanage home

“I looked after His lost lambs here. Some lost their parents. And some are here during the day only. Their single parents need to work.”

“When I am not around one day, I know that God will have someone to help my older son looks after his younger and mentally- challenged brother,” Mary explained. “I have one bright and successful son, and a differently-abled son.


So you see? God is fair,” (nodding her head absent-mindedly into the air), “He gives some, and he takes some!”

God is fair
God is fair (Photo by Binti Malu on Pexels.com)

On the contrary;

“Life is not fair; get used to it.” –Bill Gates

“Who says life is fair, where is that written?”
― William GoldmanThe Princess Bride

Tuhan itu adil: Dia memberi sebahagian dan Dia mengambil sebahagian.

Itu adalah jawapan Mary, mengapa dia menguruskan rumah anak yatim. Itu adalah rumah kristiani kedua yang Anna masuki. “Saya menjaga anak-anak -Nya di sini. Ada yang kehilangan ibu bapa mereka. Dan ada berada di sini hanya pada waktu siang kerana ibu bapa tunggal mereka perlu bekerja. Apabila saya tidak berada pada suatu hari, Saya tahu bahawa Tuhan akan mengaturkan seseorang untuk menolong anak saya yang lebih tua menjaga adiknya yang terencak akal, ”jelas Mary. “Saya mempunyai seorang anak lelaki yang cemerlang dan berjaya, dan anak lelaki yang berbeza keupayaannya. Jadi anda lihat? Tuhan itu adil, (menganggukkan kepalanya). Dia memberikan beberapa, dan dia mengambil beberapa! “


“Hidup ini tidak adil; membiasakan diri.” – Bill Gates

“Siapa bilang hidup itu adil, di mana itu ditulis?” – William Goldman, Pengantin Puteri


这就是玛丽为什么要经营孤儿院的答案。 这是安娜进入的第二个基督教家庭。 “我在这里照顾他失落的羔羊。 一些人失去了父母。 有些只在白天 因为他们的单亲父母需要工作。  我知道上帝会有一个人  帮助我的大儿子照顾  他的弟弟和精神上受到挑战的兄弟。”玛丽解释道。    “我有一个聪明而成功的儿子,和一个异类的儿子。 所以你看?上帝是公平的, (不专心地向空中点头)。 他给了一些,他给了一些!”


“生活不公平;要适应它。” -比尔盖茨

―威廉·高德曼(William Goldman),《公主新娘》


How the differently-abled bake buns.

How the differently-abled bake buns.

(Terjemahan Bahasa Melayu di bawah/中文翻译如下)


Anna watched from a near distance to the kitchen. There were two groups. May, Lionel, Tom and Kenneth were in team one.

How they make and bake buns.

“Alright, now weigh 500 gram of flour!” came the instruction. May stepped forwards> She was scooping into the container of flour.

“No, I do first. I am the team leader! intercepted Lionel.

Smack! Lionel was stunned; the right side of his face, whitened with flour.

Tom grasped Lionel’s right hand towards May’s face. Both Tom and May are non-verbal.

Lionel held back his hand and his tears, “no, mummy said, ‘boy cannot hit girl!'”

May threw the scoop angrily on the table. Lionel took over.

“One… two… three…four hundred,” Lionel looked at his team-mates, hesitatingl. “Should I take away some?” He was returning the scooped flour to the container. (Lionel’s mum later told Anna about Lionel’s difficulties and mixing-ups with numbers).

Kenneth stopped his hand midway. He guided Lionel to return the flour back into the bowl on the scale. They added another spoon, ” … there! 500 gram!” He clapped away the flour on his hands. Then he stood behind them again; seemingly unfocused.

baked baking chef dough
How these differently-abled bake hot-dog buns. (Photo by Malidate Van on Pexels.com)

His team-mates looked up at him now, with new admiration!

After mixing all the ingredients in the electric mixing-bowl, the dough was divided into four.

“You are going to do your own hot-dog buns. Divide your dough into smaller balls like this…” the chef teacher showed them. He shoved the smoothened ball under a big enamel bowl. All of them were attentive, except Kenneth.

“Kenneth, Kenneth, your turn!” Lionel went to call him in. He was in the garden in front of the kitchen. Lionel showed and guided Kenneth on how to divide and roll the dough.

Later, while waiting for the baked hot-dog buns to cool down, it was washing-up time!

“Kenneth, your trays are not clean! Wash again, see, here?” Lionel put the trays back into the huge sink. He was a good team- leader. His mum told Anna that Lionel wanted to work in a bakery shop one day.

While waiting for their children, Anna met up with the other mothers. She admired their patience and persistence in driving their autistic children for the classes the last three years.


Baking lessons were part of Kenneth’s rehabilitation and socializing activities for one and a half year. But, Anna knew that Kenneth would make a better food connoisseur than a bakery chef!

Chen Song Ping, 12 January 2021

Bahasa Melayu Google translation:

Bagaimana orang berbeza keupayaan membakar roti ‘bun’

Anna menonton dari jarak yang dekat ke dapur. Terdapat dua kumpulan. Mei, Lionel, Tom dan Kenneth berada dalam satu pasukan. “Baiklah, sekarang seberat 500 gram tepung!” datang arahan itu. May melangkah ke hadapan dan mencedok ke dalam bekas tepung. “Tidak, saya buat dulu. Saya ketua pasukan!” dipintas Lionel. May menampar muka Lionel. May melemparkan suaka dengan marah di atas meja. Lionel mengambil alih.

“Satu… Dua… Tiga… empat ratus,” Lionel melihat rakan sepasukannya, teragak-agak, “harus saya mengambil beberapa?” dan mengembalikan tepung yang dicekup ke bekas. (Ibu Lionel kemudian memberitahu Anna tentang kesukaran dan pencampuran Lionel dengan nombor).

Kenneth menghentikan pertengahan tangannya, dan membimbing bahawa tepung kembali ke dalam mangkuk pada skala, dan satu lagi sudu, ” di sana! 500 gram!” Dia menepuk tepung di tangannya dan berdiri di belakang mereka lagi. Rakan sepasukannya memandang ke atasnya sekarang, dengan kekaguman baru!

Selepas mencampurkan semua bahan-bahan dalam mangkuk pencampuran elektrik, adunan dibahagikan kepada empat. “Anda akan melakukan roti ‘bun’ anda sendiri. Bahagikan adunan anda ke dalam bola yang lebih kecil seperti ini …” guru tukang masak menunjukkan mereka dan menembak bola licin di bawah mangkuk enamel besar. Kesemua mereka mendapat perhatian, kecuali Kenneth.

“Kenneth, Kenneth, giliran anda!” Lionel pergi memanggilnya, dari taman di hadapan dapur.

Kemudian, sementara menunggu buns roti yang dibakar untuk menyejukkan, ia adalah masa mencuci! “Kenneth, dulang anda tidak bersih! Basuh lagi, lihat, di sini?” Lionel meletakkan dulang kembali ke dalam sinki besar. Beliau adalah seorang pemimpin pasukan yang baik. Ibunya memberitahu Anna bahawa Lionel mahu bekerja di kedai roti suatu hari nanti. Sementara menunggu anak-anak mereka, Anna bertemu dengan ibu-ibu yang lain, mengagumi kesabaran dan kegigihan mereka dalam memandu anak-anak autistik mereka untuk kelas tiga tahun yang lalu.

Kelas membuat roti adalah sebahagian daripada aktiviti pemulihan dan sosialisasi Kenneth selama satu setengah tahun. Tetapi, Anna tahu bahawa Kenneth akan membuat makanan yang lebih baik connoisseur daripada tukang masak roti!


安娜从近的距离看着厨房。有两组。梅,莱昂内尔,汤姆和肯尼思在第一队。 “好吧,现在重500克面粉!梅走上前去,正铲进面粉的容器里。 “不,我先做。我是队长!她拍打莱昂内尔的脸. 梅愤怒地把勺子扔在桌子上。莱昂内尔接手了.

“一…二。。。 三。。。四百,”莱昂内尔犹豫地看着他的队友,”我应该拿走一些吗?(莱昂内尔的妈妈后来告诉安娜莱昂内尔的困难和混合与数字)。

肯尼思中途停下了手,把面粉引导回碗里,又用勺子,”……那里!500克!他拍了拍手上的面粉, 又站在他们身后. 他的队友们现在抬头看着他,带着新的敬佩!混合电混合碗中的所有成分后,面团被分成四个。



后来,在等待烤面包包子降温的时候,是洗净的时候! “肯尼斯,你的托盘不干净!再次洗,看,在这里?莱昂内尔把托盘放回大水槽里。他是一个很好的团队领导。他妈妈告诉安娜莱昂内尔有一天想在一家面包店工作。




Keeping a promise

Keeping a promise.

I woke up one morning,

to find him

waiting outside my door.

boy sitting on stairs holding book
Keeping a promise. (Photo by Victoria Borodinova on Pexels.com)

“Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“You promised,

to take me out for breakfast today!”

He never forgets!

Never make one with him.

I kept forgetting!

He won’t accept a ‘no’.

So I dragged myself out reluctantly

to a ‘get set’ and ‘go’!

Another day began,

keeping in pace with him!

An aging carer ponders;

‘my mind wants,

as I used to,

but, will my body will it

in years to come?’

I must remember

not to over-promise

to avoid disappointing him.

Differently-abled person(s)

may have different thresholds

to contain disappointment.

“Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.” — Anonymous


Killing only two birds with one stone?

Killing only two birds with one stone? It challenges one to think if one can achieve more than the common idiom below.

Killing only two birds with one stone?

‘Killing two birds with one stone’ means achieving two things at the same time. But it doesn’t have to stop at two! For example:-

During the earlier phase of his mental illness, Anna used to send Kenneth for pottery and clay-works. There were at least five ‘birds’ to kill with that one activity in mind. They are;-

  1. It was therapeutic, functionally, for Kenneth to wedge (or knead) and to create the clay pieces manually. He shaped bowls on the pottery wheel, He glazed the clay products. And of course, he would proudly look at his finished, fired, shiny, and at times, unevenly shaped products!
  2. Kenneth got to socialize and communicate with people, whom he rarely talked to. [And there was a non-verbal autistic girl. Occasional glances and gestures did the ‘talking’!]
  3. The activities kept him focused on the present moments. They were to dissuade him from thinking and talking to himself.
  4. Although it was a messy task supervising Kenneth in the clay works, it was their handy touches that mattered!
  5. Being an artist herself, Anna was also learning a new hobby! The sculpted lady [inset] is one of the results. This hobby brings Anna much joy.


Pantun Kanser Payudara

Pantun Kanser Payudara

A Woman First‘ dengan berbesar hati menyambut penulis undangan. Beliau ialah Dato ’Dr. Ziaudin Ahamed Bin Abdul Kareem, seorang Pengamal Perubatan Paliatif.

Pantun Kanser Payudara

Read by: Zurainawaty A Rahman, PNC, Gp 2/92

A Woman First‘ is pleased to welcome a guest writer. He is Dato’ Dr. Ziaudin Ahamed Bin Abdul Kareem, an advocate for Quality of Life. ‘Pantun Kanser Payudara’ means a poetry about breast cancer.

“女人优先”很高兴欢迎特邀作家。他是拿督的Ziaudin Ahamed Bin Abdul Kareem博士,生活质量的倡导者。 “ Pantun Kanser Payudara”是一首关于乳腺癌的诗。

The above poem can be summarised as /Puisi di atas dapat diringkaskan sebagai:/以上诗可概括为


How high is one’s self-esteem?

Self-esteem comes from being able to define the world in your own terms and refusing to abide by the judgments of others. ― Oprah Winfrey

How high is one’s self-esteem? Here are some examples of young people with high confidence and self-esteem. What others think does not matter!

  1. Kavievanan and his masala tea business [see above] It was sensational news when jobless graduate engineer, Kavievanan Subramaniam, 23, took to the road on bicycle to sell masala tea. He becomes an instant businessman, his own boss! Mr. Kavievanan became a role model for many young people to emulate, especially during this trying COVID-19 period. This is an example of a person with high self-esteem. Never mind what others think. As long as he is making an honest living! Congratulations!
  2. Michael Tee and his bagful of goodies! “Michael lugged a bagful of calculators, pens, and toys. He went from table to table at the restaurants.” “Why can’t you just sit at home and wait for your A-level result?” “I enjoyed doing this. Many aunties bought from me. They must have pitied me!” Michael grinned cheekily. He flopped onto his bed and was soon fast asleep! So high was his self-esteem then. He ignored what others think about him selling items table to table openly. That was quite an experience while waiting his result and entry to tertiary education!
  3. Tommy Lam, his free chemistry book, and a washing machine Tommy approached the stationary shopkeeper. “If I buy thirty books from you, can I get one free?” And he did [RM400 per book]! Next he bought a washing machine and shared the price with other course mates who stayed in the same house they rented. When they graduated from that university, the machine was sold to the next lot of housemates! Good self-esteem, very enterprising, too!


Kenneth in Japan

‘Kenneth in Japan’ is a tri-lingual video about how people reacted towards the odd behaviors of a person with mental disorder in a Shinkansen bullet train. This vignette tells about communication and cultural challenges and handling an oculogyric crisis.


A White Lie- about an ostomy

A White Lie- about an ostomy


Don’t tell lies, ever. No matter what – not even little white lies.Margaret Keane-mom

depicting the scene
Mr Ponusamy and daughter with a patient

(Bahasa Malaysia translation

(中文 Chinese translation)


Mr. Ponusamy was accompanied by his daughter

to see a stomaltherapist.

Although the care of his stoma

and the skin around it was excellent,

he made many complaints about them

It must have been difficult for him to accept

having a bag on his tummy to collect his faeces.


The surgeon would not reconnect his intestines

nor close the stoma as proposed  six months earlier.

“They said that it was a barium sulphate blockage in my colon.

But it has been removed already. They should be able to re-attach

the intestines and close this ‘thing’, this stoma,

so I can defecate naturally from my anus!

But they cannot give me a good reason

on why they won’t operate to revert my condition!”


The daughter called the stomaltherapist aside.

“All his children agreed and told the surgeon

not to tell him that he has cancer of the colon.

He is 88 years old and had two heart operations before! 

We are afraid that he may have another attack!”


“I’m retired, but I’m a well-read man. 

My fatigue or feeling tired all the times;

alternating bowel habits of diarrhoea and constipation;

sudden weight loss; blood in my stools;

all point out the signs and symptoms of cancer, aren’t they?”


“…you have just said it, yourself!

This is the report of your biopsy.

Yes, it’s true… “


Mr. Ponusamy kept quiet.

The two ladies glanced at each other, worriedly.

“Do keep an eye on your father at home!

Call me or your surgeon whenever necessary!”


During the following months,

Mr. Ponusamy would drop by the ward

whenever there were patients scheduled for ostomy surgeries.

His daughter would standby dutifully, from a distant,

as her father went on to explain systematically to a new patient

about how to care for a stoma.


We found a prolific speaker in him, too.

Mr. Ponusamy shared his experiences

at seminars for healthcare professionals

and patients with intestinal cancer and stomas.

“I have a successful career, loving children and grandchildren.

But, I would be happier if I was told the truth from the beginning

so that I can make plans and do the best I can, with the time I have left.”


A white lie, no matter how well intended it was meant to be,

should one tell or not tell, a white lie?


– Serena Chen S.P. @ TPTan –

26, October 2020


Fitting mental chips into a societal block

This is a cartoon illustrated video.

Do click Fitting mental chips into a societal block” [English]

Fitting mental chips into a societal block
Happy he got a seat for mum!
Mental illness , an unseen handicap?
Zac Chang, the pianist
‘Locked them up at home:
Human rights violation!
Societal acceptance, vital

‘Fitting mental chips into a societal block’ is about a mother taking her son for an outing, despite his odd behaviours, which are the side -effects of his medications, when he first started on medications. This video hopes to increase awareness of people with mental illness , the side -effects of antipsychotic medications, and the resulting behaviours.

Google translation – Pemasangan cip mental kepada blok masyarakat” 点击“将心理筹码纳入社会障碍”

‘Pemasanagan cip mental ke dalam blok sosialadalah tentang seorang ibu yang membawa anaknya pergi bersiar-siar, walaupun tingkah lakunya yang aneh, yang merupakan kesan sampingan dari ubatnya, ketika dia pertama kali menggunakan ubat. Video ini diharapkan dapat meningkatkan kesedaran orang yang menderita penyakit mental, kesan sampingan ubat antipsikotik, dan tingkah laku yang dihasilkan.

Google translation – “点击“将心理筹码纳入社会障碍”



Stress and Breast Cancer

… and a Pandora box, that doctors may be reluctant to open.

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