It takes skill to K.I.S.S.

red kiss neon light signage on dark lit room
K.I.S.S. (Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com)

It takes skill to K.I.S.S.

In Apathy, unfeelingly , I like what a fellow blogger, K.K. commented. “Short and crisp!” Not that it’s like crunchy potato chips, but it reminds one that it takes skill to K.I.S.S. (keep it short and sweet)!

potato chips
Crunchy potato chips (Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com)

I used to summarize CVs ( 1-4 pages long) to fit them into conferences’ program brochures. They were good exercises for me.

And if one can carry forth a point in 50 words instead of 500 words, I would prefer the shorter one.

I admire how some poets can describe bountifully ( if you can guess who has this name!) in a few words!

Practise K.i.s.s.-ing!


A writer should have the precision of a poet and the imagination of a scientist. – Vladimir Nabokov


Viewers versus players

Viewers versus players

In front of the box,

screaming in frenzy, but you

are not the players!

man person people stadium
Viewers versus players (Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com)

This Haiku observes the frenzied enthusiasm displayed more so by viewers than the player themselves.


  1. “In a world full of spectators, be the player.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover
  2. “Train like you are the worst player, play like you are the best player.” ― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Paint a garden mural

A garden mural painted by author
Paint a garden mural (a haiku)

Drip, drip, slap and dash
Repainting the garden wall
distant mountains high!

This haiku tells of an effort to repaint the garden wall with a few tins of paints. The careless slaps and dashes of the brush yield a garden mural instead- one with distant high mountains!


  1. “If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” ― Edward Hopper
  2. “The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting.” ― Vincent Willem van Gogh


Trusting Tuesday and school bullies

Trusting Tuesday and school bullies (A Haiku)

I did not take it!
I swear! I’m telling the truth!
Nothing but the truth!


Tom had witnessed a boy on the toilet floor pleading innocence.
The bullies were kicking him for stealing a mobile phone.
Did the school believe him?
Would Tom be the next victim if he had reported?


  1. Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. – Confucius
  2. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.- – Mark Twain.
  3. The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.- John F. Kennedy

Waiting at a corner of the room

Waiting at a corner of the room

Go, go look after 
your siblings and the cafe 
Pa's waiting for me.

This haiku is about a mother telling her children to go home. She reminded them to look after their younger siblings and their coffee shop. This lady pointed to her late husband waiting at a corner of the ICU room.

grayscale photography of sitting man
Waiting… (Photo by Alessio Cesario on Pexels.com)


  1. “Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.” – Buddha
  2. No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it, and that is how it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It’s life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.” – Steve Jobs


The Golden Bloggerz Award

The Goldern Bloggerz award picture. Is being nominated the same as being a winner?

The Golden Bloggerz Award is a peer’s recognition chain drive to motivate dedicated fellow bloggers like me. The blogosphere reads and listens!

2. Many thanks to gayatribagayatkar, How to teach a difficult child. She nominated me for this Golden Bloggerz award!

3. The Golden Bloggerz Award was created by Chris Kosto of Golden Bloggerz.

4. Tell your audience 3 things about you:- 1. I am a mother. 2. I am a nurse. 3. I am a woman! So you will read posts related to these roles!

5. Questions from gayatribagayatkar, for me, her nominee.

  1. What is your passion and how did you pursue it? I love writing and drawing. They are included in my teachings and now blogging.
  2. What is it about life that you would share from your experience to keep others motivated and going? If work is a hobby one enjoys, then one doesn’t work at all!
  3. How has blogging changed you or your life? I am humbled by the learnings from gifted bloggers all over the world!
  4. If you were to switch off all your devices for an entire day how would you spend the day? Cooking and writing!
  5. Do you believe in your inner strength to be the change you want to see? I always work towards achieving my age-appropriate visions!
6. I will inform my 10 (or up to 20) nominees whom I think deserve this award for providing informative news, entertaining humour, stories and humbly sharing your pains and joys!   
  1. Unexpectedly Invisible
  2. Garfield Hug
  3. Poetry is my aeroplane
  4. HoneyGwhiz
  5. Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope
  6. .mazeepuran (माझे e-पुराण)
  7. Lady Robinson
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  10. Words from The Dirt Road

7. The 5 questions of my choice for my nominees are:-

  1. If you read a post of a new blogger, how can you support him/her?
  2. Have you experienced moral support from fellow bloggers?
  3. What do you learn most from fellow bloggers?
  4. How many hours a day do you spend on blogging?
  5. What are your goals in blogging?

8. The rules

  1. Place the award logo on your blog.
  2. Mention the rules.
  3. Mention the award creator and link to their blog.  
  4. Thank whoever nominated you and link to their blog.
  5. Tell your audience three things about you.
  6. Answer your nominator’s questions.
  7. Nominate 10-20 people who deserve this award.
  8. Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice.
  9. Let the nominees know of their nomination by commenting on their social media or blog.
  10. Share links to 2-3 of your best/favourite posts.

9. Share links to 2-3 of your best/favourite posts.

Blogosphere listens!

Ironically, In This Vastness Of Land

Fitting mental chips into a societal block

I write, I type, I swype

I write, I type, I swype.

black text on gray background
writing and handwritings (Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com)

“This, is the worst handwriting I have ever seen!… Who is this boy, XYZ?” The teacher waved the exercise book in the air. He looked left, and he looked to the right of the classroom.

XYZ stood up. But the teacher did not see her. ” Where is XYZ?” So the boys at the back pointed towards the girl.

“You? You are XYZ? (His voice softened a bit, but still disapprovingly) You must improve your handwriting. It is like ‘cakar ayam’ (chicken scribblings)!”

XYZ’s handwritings has improved a lot since, after that initial public embarrassment. But that was after many hours, many days of determined practices

boy studying and doing his homework
I write (Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com)

Don’t judge a person by one’s handwriting. Bad handwritings don’t always reflect a male’s work! Or only ladies have nice handwritings!

But today, we don’t need to write so much, right? We type most of the time on computers and on mobile. My hand has almost forgotten how to write.

female colleagues working together on laptop
Typing (Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com)

Then comes the mobile and swyping apps. “I watched you from behind your shoulder. You can type so much and so fast on your mobile! You were sweeping all over the little screen! How did you do that?”

“I swyped, that’s why!” A note on blogging comments. I swyped the ‘correct’ words, but it was published, a totally different words! 🤦 it was so embarrassing. I wish the receiver blogger would edit it when prompted from my end. Failing which, I wasn’t keen to comment on her/ his posts thereafter.

portrait photo of smiling woman in black t shirt and glasses using her smartphone
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

So, happy writing, typing, or swyping, whatever!

Motherly Monday

Mother monkey and child

Motherly Monday

The baby clings to dear life

… till it swings away!


The child seeks independence by means of work, independence of body and mind  – Maria Montessori

Are our kids matured?

boy and girl sitting on bench toy
MAtured (Photo by J U N E on Pexels.com)

Are our kids matured? ( A Haiku)

Tolerant patience,

the ‘grown-up’ demeanour of

unchildish children

This Haiku reflects how some children mature at different ages. Some earlier in life and some later, which some adults, never seem to!

1. “Youth ends when egotism does; maturity begins

when one lives for others.” ― Hermann Hesse, Gertrude

2. “Maturity is when your world opens up and you realize that you are not
the center of it.” - M.J. Croan

Terjemahan Google ke bahasa melayu Adakah anak-anak anda telah matang?

Adakah anak-anak kita sudah matang?

Kesabaran yang bertoleransi,
sikap ‘dewasa’ kanak-kanak
yang tidak bersikap kanak-kanak

Haiku ini menggambarkan bagaimana beberapa kanak-kanak matang pada usia yang berbeza. Dan ada juga dewasa yang tidak matang-matang langsung

谷歌翻译成中文- 你的孩子成熟了吗?



Fry me a fish

cheerful women cooking together in kitchen
Fry me a fish (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com)

Fry me a fish ( a Haiku)

Get the shield ready!

Careful; sizzle, hiss, pop, pop!

Fry fish, not your skin!

I love fried fish. But I hate frying fish!

This Haiku tells of many young girls’ war in the kitchen, learning how to fry food in hot oil, I would arm myself with a kuali’s cover to avoid the crackling oil!

Love and kisses

Love and Kisses

Caring tenderly
doting with such endearment
woman kissing woman with boutonniere on chest
Love and kisses (Photo by Robert Stokoe on Pexels.com))

I have seen varied families upbringings. For some, saying ” I love you” and ‘smooches’ are alien, non-existent and an embarrassment. Perhaps only when one was a baby: a time when one cannot remember being kissed! This Haiku envied the many kids and families who express words of love freely. Warm hugs are plentiful, with the exception in this COVID-19 period, of course!

1. “A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for (Sic:?to) the ear.” ― Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac

Terjemahan google ke Bahasa Melayu – Sayang dan ciuman

Merawat dengan lembut
bermain dengan penuh kasih sayang
memuja … smooch!

Saya telah melihat perkembangan keluarga yang pelbagai. Bagi sebilangan orang, mengatakan “I love you” dan ‘smooches’ mungkin tidak wujud dan memalukan. Mungkin hanya semasa bayi. Masa di mana seseorang tidak ingat dicium! Haiku ini mencemburui ramai kanak-kanak dan keluarga yang meluahkan kata-kata cinta dengan bebas. Pelukan hangat banyak, kecuali dalam tempoh COVID-19 ini, tentu saja!

谷歌翻译成马来语 – 爱和吻


我见过各种各样的家庭成长经历。对于某些人来说,说“我爱你”和“ s谐”可能是不存在的,而且是一种尴尬。也许只有在一个婴儿的时候。一个不记得被亲吻的时代!这句Hai句使许多自由表达爱心之词的孩子和家庭羡慕不已。当然,除了这个COVID-19时期以外,还有很多温暖的拥抱!

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