Changing others, changing self!

CHANGING OTHERS, CHANGING SELF!   Today, I read this with mixed feelings: “Be wary of people who constantly keep an eye on what you’re doing but don’t compliment or support you.” – Dhar Mann –   Have you ever felt this way at work, at home, or in your social circle? Do you feel unappreciatedContinue reading “Changing others, changing self!”

Fly with the wind!

Fly with the wind!   Cancer took away her only child. She has withdrawn to her room, grieving with knees to her chest, with a sense of impending doom.   Failed motherhood– in her mind. Her family members persuade, like pretty ribbons that bind, with love and compassion conveyed.   Have a key to open yourContinue reading “Fly with the wind!”

A White Lie- about an ostomy

A white lie about an ostomy surgery tells about an aged man being told a well-intended untruth to avoid him ungoing another surgery, only to have it backfired. The old man would rather be told the truth so that he can plan what to do with the little time he may have.

The Daily Visitor

THE DAILY VISITOR Kind words can be short and easy to speak,  but their echoes are truly endless.“ Mother Teresa, (1910-1997)    In an Asian hospital ward, the visiting period was abuzzed with concerned relatives and friends, bringing fruits, and home-cooked favourites. Unobstrusively, by the wall, stood an old Christian clergy in clergyman wear, withContinue reading “The Daily Visitor”

Working and retiring…

Reflecting about working and retiring.

Breast cancer and tight bras

This trilingual video discusses the potential of tight bras and breast cancer.

A Husband’s say, in a wife breast cancer operation

This trilingual video aims to create an awareness on a husband ‘s potential role in early detection, and treatment for a wife’s breast cancer.

Breast Cancer awareness month,

Si-anak kecil itu

Cerita ini adalah mengenai sokongan dan penolakan masyarakat terhadap orang yang sakit jiwa. Destigmatisation of mentally ill.

幼儿 [The toddler]


The Vital Supports [Reminiscing ‘the toddler’]

The Vital Supports [‘Reminiscing the toddler’] is about the importance of family and societal support for persons with mental disorders. It comprises one vignette and two poems.

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