Fly with the wind!

Fly with the wind!   Cancer took away her only child. She has withdrawn to her room, grieving with knees to her chest, with a sense of impending doom.   Failed motherhood– in her mind. Her family members persuade, like pretty ribbons that bind, with love and compassion conveyed.   Have a key to open yourContinue reading “Fly with the wind!”

幼儿 [The toddler]


Simpati, Empati dan Belas Kasihan

Reaksi terhadap kesakitan mental
(Bersimpati, empati dan berbelas kasih) adalah yang membentukan stigma Dan definasi kesakitan mental olih masyarakat.

Untuk Anak Yang Biasanya Normal

by Serena Chen Song Ping [Google translated from English to Malay]

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