Noble silence at a meditation retreat!

Introduction Noble silence! That was the essence of the meditation retreat. Noble silence, meditation, solitude, and self-reflections The newbies were rather excited and chatty. However, the seniors seemed to know the rules of the ten-day noble silence sanctuary. The center is like an oasis in the middle of a forest. They kept our mobiles, note-booksContinue reading “Noble silence at a meditation retreat!”

How I survive the first 8 weeks …

‘How I survive the first 8 weeks as a blogger / vlogger ‘ is the author’s November 2020 feedback to viewers.

A wonderful stroke of luck…

Looking positively at life happenings and choices in careers, partners and friends.

Hidup adalah perjalanan sementara

Hidup adalah perjalanan sementara. Sebilangan besar pesakit barah mengaitkan barah dengan prospek kematian. Tetapi sama ada seseorang itu menghidap barah, penyakit lain (Covid-19, serangan jantung, strok, dan lain-lain) atau kecederaan yang tidak disengajakan, hidup adalah sesuatu perjalanan. Menurut Tuan Allan, hidup adalah perjalanan sementara. Saya berjumpa dengan Tuan Allan di sebuah hospital awam dua dekadContinue reading “Hidup adalah perjalanan sementara”


“你对自己的病感觉如何?” 大多数癌症患者会将癌症与死亡的可能性联系起来。但是,无论是患有癌症,其他疾病(Covid-19,心脏病发作,中风等)还是意外伤害,生命都是一段旅程。据艾伦先生说,生活是一段短暂的旅程。二十年前,当我还是一名年轻护士时,我在一家公立医院遇到了艾伦先生。我问的一个问题是:“您对自己的病情如何?”。在听他讲话时,他试图找到一种简单的方式向我解释。这是当时我得到的最平静,最平静的答案之一。 -陈慧琳 “在这里看到这条电源线。它固定在墙上的电源上。生命是一个短暂的旅程(他沿着电线指向)。患癌症只是我旅途的一部分。很快我将回到原来的地方(指着墙上的源头)-回到上帝,回到天堂。” 其他宗教和信仰也一样吗? 2 Corinthians 4:18 [虽然我们不看那些看不见的东西,但要看那些看不见的东西。因为看见的是暂时的,看不见的是永恒的。Google translated] while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. This Life is But a journey.  [“在这个世界上,就好像你是一个陌生人还是一个旅行者。” (先知穆罕默德)Google translated] “BeContinue reading “人生是一段短暂的旅程”

Life is a temporary journey

How do you feel about your illness is about patient relating about cancer, the prospect of dying, and that life is a temporary journey.

Kenneth in Japan

‘Kenneth in Japan’ is a tri-lingual video about a trip to Kyoto and Tokyo in Japan. And it shows how people reacted towards the odd behaviors of a person with mental disorder in a Shinkansen bullet train. This vignette tells about communication and cultural challenges and handling of an oculogyric crisis.

Pembohongan kecil – mengenai ostomi

Pembohongan kecil- mengenai ostomi : is about a patient with colon cancer who wish to be told the truth about his condition.

白色谎言-造口术- a white lie

白色谎言-造口术- a white lie: is about a patient with colon cancer who wish to be told about his condition.

I am so lonely!

This tri-lingual video ‘I am so lonely!’ tells about the role of music, traditional beliefs and practices complimentary to western medicine, and loneliness in mental illness.

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