The face that was

The face that was, is one’s identity. It’s about one’s privacy. ‘Cos linked to one’s face, are other faces and identities by relation, by kinship, especially in mental illnesses, breast cancer, Covid-19, HIV. “Can it spread ?” “Don’t play with them, their mum works in a hospital!” Contagion by genes, by marriage, by touch, asContinue reading “The face that was”

I had a dream

Last night I had a dream. I went bowling. I had many strikes and spares! Then the first thing I read this morning was ‘ no dream‘! Then I would like to add on; I had a dream, a series of ‘things’,to carry on in blishful blinks.If you see the wonders, of a fairy tale,ifContinue reading “I had a dream”

Are you listening?

Are you listening? Are you listening to one’s endless nagging? Is it because one can’t seem to get through to you? Will a list of complaints gets longer if one cannot find their solutions soon? Are there hidden messages that were missed in seemingly ’empty’ talks? Are you listening, listening…before the sinking, sinking… hand disappearsContinue reading “Are you listening?”

How humorous and courageous can one be?

A video showing an entertaining, humorous and courageous side of doctors lightens up my day!

Membunuh berapa burung dengan satu batu?

Membunuh hanya dua ekor burung dengan satu batu? Ia mencabar seseorang untuk berfikir jika seseorang dapat mencapai lebih banyak daripada simpulan bahasa biasa di bawah ini. 用一块石头杀死两只鸟?挑战一个人是否可以实现以下通用习俗的挑战。[Google translate] ‘Membunuh dua burung dengan satu batu’ bermaksud mencapai dua perkara pada masa yang sama. Tetapi tidak perlu berhenti pada dua sahaja! Sebagai contoh:- Semasa fasa awal penyakitContinue reading “Membunuh berapa burung dengan satu batu?”

Killing only two birds with one stone?

Killing only two birds with one stone challenges one to think that an activity may have more than just two objectives.

Pantun Kanser Payudara

Dato’ Dr. Ziaudin Ahamed Bin Abdul Kareem, shares a poetry on breast cancer(诗歌乳腺癌).

How high is one’s self-esteem?

Self-esteem comes from being able to define the world in your own terms and refusing to abide by the judgments of others. ― Oprah Winfrey How high is one’s self-esteem? Here are some examples of young people with high confidence and self-esteem. What others think does not matter! Kavievanan and his masala tea business [seeContinue reading “How high is one’s self-esteem?”

True friend stays…

True friends stays is about: Crises like Covid-19 affect livelihood, careers, families and friendship. They filter the latter.

Breaking bad news, breaking person

Breaking bad news is a difficult and delicate task. The following anecdotes shows how a person reacts after being told a cancer diagnosis.

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