Breaking bad news, breaking a person

Breaking bad news is a difficult and delicate task. The following anecdotes shows how a person reacts after being told a cancer diagnosis.

Kerana lelaki tidak pakai coli, ke?

breast cancer, male, female,

Kenneth in Japan-in English, Malay, Chinese

‘Kenneth in Japan’ is a tri-lingual video about a trip to Kyoto and Tokyo in Japan. And it shows how people reacted towards the odd behaviors of a person with mental disorder in a Shinkansen bullet train. This vignette tells about communication and cultural challenges and handling of an oculogyric crisis.

The Golden Bloggerz Award

The Golden Bloggerz Award is a peer’s recognition chain drive to motivate dedicated fellow bloggers like me. The blogosphere reads and listens! 2. Many thanks to gayatribagayatkar, How to teach a difficult child. She nominated me for this Golden Bloggerz award! 3. The Golden Bloggerz Award was created by Chris Kosto of Golden Bloggerz. 4. TellContinue reading “The Golden Bloggerz Award”

乳腺癌和潘多拉盒子 (Breast Cancer and the Pandora Box)


Fitting mental chips into a societal block- English

This story is about how society reacts to a boy with mental illness and the odd behaviours as a result of side effects of his antipsychotic medications.

Motherly Monday

Motherly Monday The baby clings to dear life … till it swings away! Quote: The child seeks independence by means of work, independence of body and mind  – Maria Montessori

Life is a temporary journey

How do you feel about your illness is about patient relating about cancer, the prospect of dying, and that life is a temporary journey.

Pantun Kanser Payudara

Dato’ Dr. Ziaudin Ahamed Bin Abdul Kareem, shares a poetry on breast cancer(诗歌乳腺癌).

Because men don’t wear bras?

Because men don’t wear bras? a kid asks if not wearing bras equates to no breast cancer.

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