Fascinating Saturday in the village

Fascinating Saturday in the village-is a haiku telling about excited urban kids who have never seen or hold fowls.

Free-Falling Heart Jolts

Free-Falling Heart Jolts Rock climbing, scuba-diving, and now free-falling bungee jumpsas high as a nine-storey building!These adrenaline-producing activitiesmay jolt many-a-parent’s heart, many times!All for the challenge of courage and excitements!Have you felt such heart jolt before? I did!

Because men don’t wear bras?

Because men don’t wear bras? a kid asks if not wearing bras equates to no breast cancer.

A forest to cherish in Tangjung Tuan

A forest to cherish in Tangjung Tuan Fortunately, Tanjung Tuan has been gazetted as a forest reserve since 1921 and as a wildlife sanctuary since 1971. We certainly hope this natural beauty would remain as a reserve and sanctuary for eternity for the public as well as for the flora and fauna. During most weekendsContinue reading “A forest to cherish in Tangjung Tuan”

Pantun Kanser Payudara

Dato’ Dr. Ziaudin Ahamed Bin Abdul Kareem, shares a poetry on breast cancer(诗歌乳腺癌).

Ginger and Tambunan; Switzerland of the East

Ginger and Tambunan; Switzerland of the East About 750 metres above sea level, Tambunan is part of the Crocker Range where we passed the gravity hillalong the way.Bamboo fencing welcomes us,and bade us goodbye, too.The dense forests of bamboo; a result of a British colonial edict ’20 bamboo sprouts to be plantedfor every bamboo cut’!The Huge Ginger sculptureContinue reading “Ginger and Tambunan; Switzerland of the East”

Faithful Friday with the News Breaker

Faithful Friday is a tercet (Triplets AAA, BBB, CCC. It is about faith and the strength to go through a cancer diagnosis.

Evening walk: Raining flowers

Evening walk: Raining flowers Spiralling rain of Tecoma flowers from trees purplish carpet formed. This Haiku tells of the pleasant experience during an evening walk. It is walking through the rain of spiraling Tecoma flowers. They form a bed of flowers on the ground.

Breaking bad news, breaking a person

Breaking bad news is a difficult and delicate task. The following anecdotes shows how a person reacts after being told a cancer diagnosis.

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday As I read and type Thinking deliberately today Have I forgotten to reciprocate some who has visited my sites? Have I forgotten to reply to comment? Have I commented enough? For it takes a while and to think and respond! So I ponder Maybe I should do a light ‘touch and go.’ andContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday”

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