Gift of life: Have you donated blood before?

Gift of life: Have you donated blood before?

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That year, I took a group of nursing students to a blood bank as part of haematology clinical experience. Most of them decided to donate blood that morning. I did, too, upon their persuasion.

I was ashamed to admit that it was my first time. But it was a satisfying experience to have contributed to a gift of life!

Have you donated blood before? Do you even know what blood group you belong to, in case of an emergency?

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Donating one unit of blood may save the lives of up to three people. – the American Red Cross.

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Serena Chen @TPTan, Master degree in nursing (Monash) . Serena teaches local and overseas nurses in a stomaltherapy program. She had presented papers internationally. Serena is a member of the ‘Golden Key International Society (Monash). She was an editor of a mental health bulletin and she enjoys pottery works, cartoons, painting and poems. She shares insightful experiences about being a carer for people with mental illness and cancer in this defining society.

5 thoughts on “Gift of life: Have you donated blood before?

  1. I used to give blood a lot in my 20’s. I’m blood group A+. This makes me less attractive to biting insects but more prone to B12 deficiency. In the UK we get a cup of tea and a biscuit afterwards.

    1. This is interesting. “This makes me less attractive to biting insects… ”

      Blood bank usually ensures that it is safe for one to donate, females must have a minimum hemoglobin level of 12.5g/dL and males must have a minimum level of 13.0g/dL.

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