My wobbly knees and Tai Chi

My wobbly knees and Tai Chi

Cheng Man-ch’ing (1902-1975) – snake creeps down pose

A decade ago, a friend and I were walking up the stairs.
The lift was not functioning that day.
We cursed as we climbed.

She said, “next month I will be going for my knee operation.”
That had me thinking. For a year or so,
my wobbly, weak, and painful knees made climbing a challenge.

I enrolled for Tai Chi the following week.
I have never looked back since.
I don’t need to take knee supplements too.

I called Tai Chi, the ‘dancing meditation’!
Graceful yet deceptively challenging movements!

One of the toughest movements
is ‘snake creeps down. (see pose in picture above)
Many new students, including myself, looked on.
We (about thirty to sixty years old) shook our heads.
‘There is no way we can do this pose!’

It took me about three years
before I could do the ‘snake creeping down’!

…and my Tai Chi sifu was more than seventy years old! Still graceful and flexible!

Published by Chen S. P. @ TPTan

Serena Chen @TPTan, Master degree in nursing (Monash) . Serena teaches local and overseas nurses in a stomaltherapy program. She had presented papers internationally. Serena is a member of the ‘Golden Key International Society (Monash). She was an editor of a mental health bulletin and she enjoys pottery works, cartoons, painting and poems. She shares insightful experiences about being a carer for people with mental illness and cancer in this defining society.

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      1. Thank you! More is coming. I just needed a space to say everything without feeling bad or judged so it’s helping me to write it all out like this.

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