An OKU (PWD) went for vaccination.

An OKU (PWD) went for vaccination.

Today Anna brought her son, Kenneth for his first dose vaccination at Axiata Arena. There were many designated sign boards to guide OKUs (PWDs).

There were some people on wheelchair at the tent.

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“This is the OKU lane?” Anna asked a guard.

“Yes. Who is OKU? You? Or him?”

Then noticing his slightly stiff outstretched hands (a side-effect of anti-psychotics medication), “ah, you? This way…” Anna followed.

At a registration counter, the lady asked him, “anda takut ‘injection'” ( are you afraid of injection)?

“Tak ( No),” Kenneth straightened his shoulder proudly. The lady gave him a cute thumb-up. Anna smiled.

Entering the cubicle, the nurse asked him to sit down, “Kenneth, do you know why you are here today? ”

“… for vaccination,” his legs were shaking vigorously, though he put up a brave front. He pulled up his sleeve.

“Breathe in and out, Kenneth,” Anna instructed him as the nurse gave the injection.

There were some people who stared at this abled-looking young man who seemed to bypass them in the queue.

Then they went to the observation bay to sit for a while before being allowed to leave the arena.

It was fast. In less than forty minutes they were out of the arena.

“I am proud of you, Kenneth!” Anna was so glad all went well for the day.

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