Is she breathing?

“Is she breathing?” is a humorous anecdote about student-nurses taking vital signs on their teacher who had a prank ready for them.

“A real friend is one who walks in…”

“A real friends is one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out of you!”

Pressure rising, a wake-up call and my three angels

Pressure rising; a wake-up call and my three angels is about controlling rising blood pressure and the danger of stroke and heart attack.

Pressure-ulcers: what is right is not always popular.

Bed-sores: what is right is not always popular tells about a duty to prevent bed-sores or pressure-ulcers for bedridden clients.

A Smile To Open A Hurting Heart

A smile to open a hurting heart tells about the effects of a smile and an unsmiling surgeon who heals many babies born with ailing hearts.

Cancer And The Doctor’s ‘Crystal Ball’

Cancer And The Doctor’s ‘Crystal Ball’ How many years have I left? At my stage of cancer, and according to statistical studies, the doctor said that I had about two years left! Mr. Despondent cried. I cannot afford to be admitted. Each day without work, would mean no food for my family! Mr. Suicidal mulled.Continue reading “Cancer And The Doctor’s ‘Crystal Ball’”

Who is the strongest of them all?

tells about a matriarch as the family comfort, glue and financial backbone.

Ironically, In This Vastness Of Land

This poem ‘Ironically, in this vastness of land’ tells about immigrants who perished on seas in search of better-land, ironically, in this vastness of land, on mother earth.

God is fair: He gives some, He takes some

Good is fair: He gives some, He takes some. It tells about a mother rationalising about running an orphanage home.

How the differently-abled bake buns.

How these differently-abled children bake hot-dog buns tells about baking as a therapy and a potential career for some.

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