They say Chinese’s tongue can’t ‘loll’!

They say Chinese’s tongue can’t ‘loll’! I used to envy my classmates. They can roll out any tongue-twisters easily! Some Chinese, not all, struggled ‘lolling’ along. It took me many ‘moons’ of conscious practices to reduce lisping! Of course, nowadays we have speech therapists! “Have you been living overseas before? UK, US, Australia?” “Noooo!”, theContinue reading “They say Chinese’s tongue can’t ‘loll’!”

‘Apathy’, unfeelingly

‘Apathy’, unfeelingly Great sufferings, yet void of emotions and care, feeling, what feeling? This Haiku is about the indifferences and apathy. So much energy is spent on destructions, when they should spent on ‘building’ the nations. Quotes:- We may have found a cure for most evils; but we have found no remedy for the worstContinue reading “‘Apathy’, unfeelingly”

Are our kids matured?

Are our kids matured? Tolerant patience, the ‘grown-up’ demeanour of unchildish children This Haiku reflects how some children mature at different ages. Some earlier in life and some later, which some adults, never seem to! Quotes:- 1. “Youth ends when egotism does; maturity begins when one lives for others.” ― Hermann Hesse, Gertrude 2. “MaturityContinue reading “Are our kids matured?”

Love and kisses

Love and Kisses Caring tenderly doting with such endearment adoringly…smooch! I have seen varied families upbringings. For some, saying ” I love you” and ‘smooches’ are alien, non-existent and an embarrassment. Perhaps only when one was a baby: a time when one cannot remember being kissed! This Haiku envied the many kids and families whoContinue reading “Love and kisses”

Waiting at a corner of the room

Waiting at a corner of the room Go, go look after your siblings and the cafe Pa’s waiting for me. This Haiku is about a mother telling her children to go home. She reminded them to look after their younger siblings and their coffee shop. This lady pointed to her’late husband’ waiting at a cornerContinue reading “Waiting at a corner of the room”

A pug on my mug

A pug on my mug Is this pup a pug?as I looked at the pictureprinted on my mug. This Haiku is inspired by a story of a wrinkly pug ” The Pug.” while I was drinking my mug of coffee. Quotes:- 1. The pug is [a] living proof that God has a sense of humor-Continue reading “A pug on my mug”

Perception varies

Perception varies Oh, what a beauty! Nah, so boring and stupid! Perception varies! Oh, so pitiful! You are more so than he is, More than you realize! Quotes:- “People see what they want to see and what people want to see isn’t always the truth.” Roberto Bolano “The more I see, the less I knowContinue reading “Perception varies”

Tourism: of decors and assurance

Tourism: of decors and assurance This Haiku is about tourism, the street decorations that still linger post festivities, and the assuring sight of police presence! Quotes:- “You don’t have to be rich to travel well.” – Eugene Fodor “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ― Gustave Flaubert

Shadow: A silent companion, always

A silent companion, always Shadow: A silent companion, always This Haiku is about shadow as a silent and non-complaining companion. And it is always faithful and sticking around wherever Teh C. H. (guest photographer) goes! The face mask in the shadow marks the lingering pandemic in the background! Teh cycles in marathon, triathlon and halfContinue reading “Shadow: A silent companion, always”

This blogger must be a pretty slim one!

This blogger must be a pretty slim one! Whenever I read blog posts about diet to reduce weight or fat, my first impression is “this blogger must be a pretty slim person!” Sigh! It’s been an uphill challenge for many!

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