A Haiku, The Wild Bears — Travis J. McRoy

A Haiku, The Wild Bears — Travis J. McRoy- It got me thinking about what bears will go through just for sustenance.

The swiftlets’ hotel

The swiftlets’ hotel -is about expensive bird nests, swiftlets, it’s hotel, and saliva-made-nests.

‘Apathy’, unfeelingly

‘Apathy’, unfeelingly Great sufferings, yet void of emotions and care, feeling, what feeling? This Haiku is about the indifferences and apathy. So much energy is spent on destructions, when they should spent on ‘building’ the nations. Quotes:- We may have found a cure for most evils; but we have found no remedy for the worstContinue reading “‘Apathy’, unfeelingly”

Viewers versus players

Viewers versus players In front of the box, screaming in frenzy, but you are not the players! This Haiku observes the frenzied enthusiasm displayed more so by viewers than the player themselves. Quotes: “In a world full of spectators, be the player.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover “Train like you are the worstContinue reading “Viewers versus players”

Waiting at a corner of the room

Waiting at a corner of the room Go, go look after your siblings and the cafe Pa’s waiting for me. This haiku is about a mother telling her children to go home. She reminded them to look after their younger siblings and their coffee shop. This lady pointed to her late husband waiting at aContinue reading “Waiting at a corner of the room”

Are angels with you?

Are angels with you? This Haiku poem reflects the missing of loved ones and associating angels with living high above in heaven. Terjemahan Google Adakah malaikat bersamamu?Puisi Haiku ini menggambarkan hilangnya orang yang disayangi dan mengaitkan malaikat biasanya tinggal di langit yang tinggi. Awan berkabut-kabutDi antara kawasan pergunungan yang tinggiAdakah malaikat bersamamu? 谷歌翻译成中文 天使和你在一起吗?这首Hai句诗反映了一个亲人的失踪,并伴有天使在天堂高高地生活。 朦胧的梦幻云在高山山脉之中天使和你在一起吗?

Postscript: She is up there now…

This is a postscript to “A Penny For Your Thought?” Postscript: She is up there now… Wen Li was such a perceptive little being! If one thinks, talking to children about birds and bees would be difficult, this one about ‘living and dying’ is another challenging one! “My mother never taught me about this, norContinue reading “Postscript: She is up there now…”

Paint a garden mural

Paint a garden mural (a haiku) Drip, drip, slap and dash Repainting the garden wall distant mountains high! This haiku tells of an effort to repaint the garden wall with a few tins of paints. The careless slaps and dashes of the brush yield a garden mural instead- one with distant high mountains! Quotes:- “IfContinue reading “Paint a garden mural”

A pug on my mug

A pug on my mug Is this pup a pug?as I looked at the pictureprinted on my mug. This Haiku is inspired by a story of a wrinkly pug ” The Pug.” while I was drinking my mug of coffee. Quotes:-1. The pug is [a] living proof that God has a sense of humor- MargoContinue reading “A pug on my mug”

Anniversaries: Is today less special?

Anniversaries: Is today less special? This Haiku is about the celebration of anniversaries. Examples are Mother’s day, Women’s day, Mental health day, birthdays, wedding anniversary, etc. Is every day less special? Or the annual celebrations impact commercialisation?

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