Blogging: Saya mengikut rentak saya

Blogging: Saya mengikut rentak saya- is about blogging at different paces and different purposes for writing a blog.

Blogging: I run my race

Blogging: I run my race Blogging is like running but running a race? I paused, I sweated, feet apart, panting, and watching others … forging ahead. Jane Trombley wonders about the paucity of baby-boomer bloggers and her generation’s ‘voice’. A counselor opines that blogging feeds wellness! Is blogging a new way of coping for some?Continue reading “Blogging: I run my race”

Reflecting: Que Sera Sera

Reflecting: Que Sera Sera- reflection between teacher and former students after many years by.

The face that was

The face that was, is one’s identity. It’s about one’s privacy. ‘Cos linked to one’s face, are other faces and identities by relation, by kinship, especially in mental illnesses, breast cancer, Covid-19, HIV. “Can it spread ?” “Don’t play with them, their mum works in a hospital!” Contagion by genes, by marriage, by touch, asContinue reading “The face that was”

Postscript: She is up there now…

This is a postscript to “A Penny For Your Thought?” Postscript: She is up there now… Wen Li was such a perceptive little being! If one thinks, talking to children about birds and bees would be difficult, this one about ‘living and dying’ is another challenging one! “My mother never taught me about this, norContinue reading “Postscript: She is up there now…”

True friend stays…

True friends stays is about: Crises like Covid-19 affect livelihood, careers, families and friendship. They filter the latter.

A penny for your thought?

A penny for your thought? The kids were playing on the road, in front of their terraced houses. They stepped aside each time there are oncoming cars returning home from work. A girl, Wen Li, noticed an old lady neighbour lying on the floor of her car porch. “Popo*, why are you lying on theContinue reading “A penny for your thought?”

A wonderful stroke of luck…

Looking positively at life happenings and choices in careers, partners and friends.

How high is one’s self-esteem?

How high is one’s self-esteem?/ 一个人的自尊有多高?/ Berapa tinggi harga diri seseorang? (Dalam bahasa Cina dan Melayu / 中文和马来语) Self-esteem comes from being able to define the world on your own terms and refusing to abide by the judgments of others. ― Oprah Winfrey How high is one’s self-esteem? Here are some examples of young peopleContinue reading “How high is one’s self-esteem?”

Is she breathing?

“Is she breathing?” is a humorous anecdote about student-nurses taking vital signs on their teacher who had a prank ready for them.

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