Those absent- please put up your hands!

See below for Google translation for Malay (lihat di bawah untuk bahasa melayu) and Chinese (看到下面的中文) Everybody here? Those absent- please put up your hands! So, if you are present, would you agree on behalf for those who have left [past] and those who have yet to arrive [future]? In presentism, present-day rules. Not theContinue reading “Those absent- please put up your hands!”

Postscript: She is up there now…

This is a postscript to; Postscript: She is up there now… Wen Li was such a perceptive little being! If one thinks talking to children about the birds and bees would be difficult, this one about ‘living and dying’ is another challenging one! “My mother never taught me about this, nor did my school!” LiContinue reading “Postscript: She is up there now…”

A penny for your thought?

A penny for your thought? The kids were playing on the road, in front of their terraced houses and stepping aside each time for oncoming cars returning home from work. A girl, Wen Li, noticed an old lady neighbor lying on the floor of her car porch. “Popo*, why are you lying on the floor?”Continue reading “A penny for your thought?”

The face that was

The face that was, is one’s identity. It’s about one’s privacy. ‘Cos linked to one’s face, are other faces and identities by relation, by kinship, especially in mental illnesses, breast cancer, Covid-19, HIV. “Can it spread ?” “Don’t play with them, their mum works in a hospital!” Contagion by genes, by marriage, by touch, asContinue reading “The face that was”

Are you listening?

Are you listening? Are you listening to one’s endless nagging? Is it because one can’t seem to get through to you? Will a list of complaints gets longer if one cannot find their solutions soon? Are there hidden messages that were missed in seemingly ’empty’ talks? Are you listening, listening…before the sinking, sinking… hand disappearsContinue reading “Are you listening?”

How humorous and courageous can one be?

A video showing an entertaining, humorous and courageous side of doctors lightens up my day!

How high is one’s self-esteem?

Self-esteem comes from being able to define the world in your own terms and refusing to abide by the judgments of others. ― Oprah Winfrey How high is one’s self-esteem? Here are some examples of young people with high confidence and self-esteem. What others think does not matter! Kavievanan and his masala tea business [seeContinue reading “How high is one’s self-esteem?”


(谷歌将英语翻译成中文) 介绍 高贵的沉默! 那是冥想静修的本质。 高贵的沉默,沉思,孤独和自我反省 新手非常兴奋和健谈。 然而,老年人似乎知道为期十天的高贵寂静圣地的规则。 中心就像森林中间的绿洲。 他们保留了我们的手机,笔记本和笔。 那绝对是孤独! “您的房间是哪间? 打开包装后,我们一起去饭堂。” 十二天的素食菜单非常简单,但美味。 下次我应该回到厨房做帮手! 在餐桌上,我们了解到沉默意味着没有言语的交谈,也没有非言语的交谈! 禁止眼神交流和打手势。 每个人都处于“注意自己的事”模式! 回到我们的房间时,[低声],“哦,以防我凌晨四点听不到锣声,请敲我的门! ”课程经理不赞成地瞥了我们一眼。 很快,青蛙和的乐队开始了。 它成了原本宁静的夜晚的一部分。 我隐藏了驱蚊剂,一些convi-pack饼干和一些胶带。 后者是用来覆盖窗户网上的任何孔,我在网上了解到这些孔。 实际上,在接下来的几天里,我们的脑海里发生了很多反思。 在第三天到第五天,几位女士默默地释放了情感上的“敲击”。 大厅另一边的几个人也被闻到了。 和正常呼吸一样,当空气进入并离开鼻孔时,我们必须聆听呼吸。 对过去的迅速记忆和对未来的担忧正在我的脑海中浮现。 很多时候,我不得不提醒自己回到现在。 的确,这个呼吸的任务是艰苦的工作! 冥想的目的是在自然呼吸的帮助下,彻底消除情绪,例如愤怒,仇恨,悲伤或恐惧。 有一天,午休后,我看到一位女士坐在一棵大树下,独自一人哭泣。 所以我告诉课程经理我对她的关心。 她带那位女士去看助理老师。 结论 在这种高贵的沉默中,没有人可以听,因为每个人都没有说话。 我们实际上是在听我们自己的小谈话。 在我们的静心冥想中自我反省。 我独自找到答案。” 克里斯汀·巴特勒 (In solitude I find my answers.” Kristen Butler) 远离外界噪音,聆听您内心的声音。” 空中交通管制(Get away from the external noise and listenContinue reading “静修时高贵的寂静”

Noble silence at a meditation retreat!

Introduction Noble silence! That was the essence of the meditation retreat. Noble silence, meditation, solitude, and self-reflections The newbies were rather excited and chatty. However, the seniors seemed to know the rules of the ten-day noble silence sanctuary. The center is like an oasis in the middle of a forest. They kept our mobiles, note-booksContinue reading “Noble silence at a meditation retreat!”

A wonderful stroke of luck…

Looking positively at life happenings and choices in careers, partners and friends.

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