How humorous and courageous can one be?

A video showing an entertaining, humorous and courageous side of doctors lightens up my day!

Free-Falling Heart Jolts

Free-Falling Heart Jolts Rock climbing, scuba-diving, and now free-falling bungee jumps as high as a nine-storey building! These adrenaline-producing activities may jolt many-a-parent’s heart, many times! All for the challenge of courage and excitements! Have you felt such heart jolt before? I did!

They say Chinese’s tongue can’t ‘loll’!

They say Chinese’s tongue can’t ‘loll’! I used to envy my classmates. They can roll out any tongue-twisters easily! Some Chinese, not all, struggled ‘lolling’ along. It took me many ‘moons’ of conscious practices to reduce lisping! Of course, nowadays we have speech therapists! “Have you been living overseas before? UK, US, Australia?” “Noooo!”, theContinue reading “They say Chinese’s tongue can’t ‘loll’!”

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