A forest to cherish in Tangjung Tuan

A forest to cherish in Tangjung Tuan Fortunately, Tanjung Tuan has been gazetted as a forest reserve since 1921 and as a wildlife sanctuary since 1971. We certainly hope this natural beauty would remain as a reserve and sanctuary for eternity for the public as well as for the flora and fauna. During most weekendsContinue reading “A forest to cherish in Tangjung Tuan”

Evening walk: the Dragon Backbone

Evening walk-the Dragon Backbone During my evening walk, one can see in the horizon, the rugged and long, protruding ridge surrounding the valley of greeneries and houses. And this magical hilly formation is called the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge. Known to be the longest quartz formation in the world, it stretches more than 14km longContinue reading “Evening walk: the Dragon Backbone”

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