When seven fairies meet

When seven fairies meet- is a poem (haiku) and a metaphor of putting all heads together to solve problems.

The swiftlets’ hotel

The swiftlets’ hotel -is about expensive bird nests, swiftlets, it’s hotel, and saliva-made-nests.

Missing Togetherness on a Thursday!

Missing Togetherness on a Thursday!- is a poem (haiku) about missing playing together at outdoor spaces during Covid times.

Whispering Waves on Wednesday

Whispering Waves on Wednesday- is a poem (haiku) about the serene whispering waves on a peaceful Wednesday.

Fascinating Saturday in the village

Fascinating Saturday in the village-is a haiku telling about excited urban kids who have never seen or hold fowls.

A pug on my mug

A pug on my mug Is this pup a pug?as I looked at the pictureprinted on my mug. This Haiku is inspired by a story of a wrinkly pug ” The Pug.” while I was drinking my mug of coffee. Quotes:-1. The pug is [a] living proof that God has a sense of humor- MargoContinue reading “A pug on my mug”

Are angels with you?

Are angels with you? This Haiku poem reflects the missing of loved ones and associating angels with living high above in heaven. Terjemahan Google Adakah malaikat bersamamu?Puisi Haiku ini menggambarkan hilangnya orang yang disayangi dan mengaitkan malaikat biasanya tinggal di langit yang tinggi. Awan berkabut-kabutDi antara kawasan pergunungan yang tinggiAdakah malaikat bersamamu? 谷歌翻译成中文 天使和你在一起吗?这首Hai句诗反映了一个亲人的失踪,并伴有天使在天堂高高地生活。 朦胧的梦幻云在高山山脉之中天使和你在一起吗?

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