Blogging: Saya mengikut rentak saya

Blogging: Saya mengikut rentak saya- is about blogging at different paces and different purposes for writing a blog.

Blogging: I run my race

Blogging: I run my race Blogging is like running but running a race? I paused, I sweated, feet apart, panting, and watching others … forging ahead. Jane Trombley wonders about the paucity of baby-boomer bloggers and her generation’s ‘voice’. A counselor opines that blogging feeds wellness! Is blogging a new way of coping for some?Continue reading “Blogging: I run my race”

Blogging: A Thousand Apologies!

Blogging: A Thousand Apologies!- is about blogging and some common experiences and feelings.

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday As I read and type Thinking deliberately today Have I forgotten to reciprocate some who has visited my sites? Have I forgotten to reply to comment? Have I commented enough? For it takes a while and to think and respond! So I ponder Maybe I should do a light ‘touch and go.’ andContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday”

A blogger reads and writes

A blogger reads and writes Read, read, digest them! Assimilate, recreate. A new synthesis! This Haiku is about how a blogger grows! The amount of readings and researches forms the basis of new ideas for writings. Quotes:- “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. SimpleContinue reading “A blogger reads and writes”

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